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What’s happening now: city news and event highlights

Kurban Bayramı, the Feast of Sacrifice, is celebrated by Muslims worldwide and more commonly known globally as Eid al-Adha. Taking place 70 days after Ramadan, the holiday period starts in…
Author: The Guide Team
Posted: 04-08-2019

Good neighborliness: Greek community in Istanbul

Throughout history, people from different ethnicities such as Greeks, Jews, Armenians, Persians, Bulgarians, and Albanians contributed their diverse cultural traditions to the social fabric of Ista...
Author: The Guide Team
Posted: 02-08-2019

How to transfer between Istanbul Airport and the city center

After completing the 45-hour moving operation during the first weekend of April, Istanbul bid farewell to Atatürk Airport and redirected its air traffic to the new facility, Istanbul Airport, locat...
Author: The Guide Team
Posted: 01-08-2019

Eyüp and Pierre Loti Hill: sacred land of Istanbul

While Pierre Loti Hill is well-known for its spectacular views, the Eyüp Sultan complex located below is a place to experience Istanbul’s holiest scene. By Yao Hsiao Mosque, tomb, cemetery,…
Author: The Guide Team
Posted: 31-07-2019

Holidays along the Aegean coast: Çeşme peninsula and around

Along the Aegean coast around Izmir, there are many towns that have become holiday destinations of Turkey. In addition to the busy summer season, the area is also ideal to…

The post Holid...

Author: The Guide Team
Posted: 30-07-2019

Tolga Karaçelik: flying high on the wings of butterflies

Between his 2010 feature film debut Gişe Memuru (Toll Booth), and the Grand Jury Award for World Cinema at the Sundance Film Festival in 2018 for Kelebekler (Butterflies), film director…
Author: The Guide Team
Posted: 29-07-2019

Flower power: edible flowers in Ottoman cuisine

The Ottomans loved flowers and incorporated them in life whenever and wherever possible. Floral patterns appeared everywhere from textiles to tiles, surrounding Ottoman life with depictions of tuli...
Author: The Guide Team
Posted: 26-07-2019

Lesvos: more than a quick getaway to Greece

The Greek island is rich in sights, olives, and thousands of years of history. Text and photos by Catie Funk Lesvos (also known as Mytilini, and Midilli in Turkish), just…

The post Lesvos...

Author: The Guide Team
Posted: 24-07-2019

Sinematek 2.0: bridging the past and future of Turkish cinema

Almost forty years have passed after the closure of the Sinematek Association, but its spirit of film preservation lives on through Kadıköy municipality’s new Cinema House project. By Işıl İlkter…
Author: The Guide Team
Posted: 19-07-2019

The vegan side of Turkish cuisine

In traditional Turkish cuisine, there are countless vegetarian and vegan options. The most interesting of all is a unique category of olive oil-based dishes. By Aylin Öney Tan Photos by…
Author: The Guide Team
Posted: 19-07-2019