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Boza and şıra: not-so-innocent drinks of the Ottomans

Food fermentation is a culinary trend around the world, and for good reason. In certain foods, the process of converting carbohydrates and sugars can not only create bacteria-boosting agents but…
Author: Aylin Öney Tan
Posted: 02-12-2018

Edirne: enter the sultan’s gate of happiness

Although formerly serving as the capital of the Ottoman Empire, Edirne resembles a European town unlike any other city in Turkey. Appreciated for its architectural treasures, the destination is ide...
Author: Marzena Romanowska
Posted: 29-11-2018

Why so dramatic? Turkish TV series from the past to present

Dramatic television series have enthralled Turkish audiences over the past few decades; immortalizing old Istanbul neighborhoods and paving the way for the many Turkish shows which are now internat...
Author: Zeynep Ardağ
Posted: 29-11-2018

Cold weather treats: salep, boza, and kestane

Wandering on the streets of Istanbul, one can easily notice how much emphasis there is on food. Wherever you are, there will be a bakkal—a small corner shop often offering…

The post Cold ...

Author: The Guide Team
Posted: 28-11-2018

End your year in the finest way: New Year’s Eve special in Istanbul

If you are looking for a feast, a party, or luxurious accommodation to celebrate the New Year, here is the list of Istanbul’s hotels and restaurants making special offers. Five-star…

The ...

Author: The Guide Team
Posted: 26-11-2018

Nocturnal Symposium: in search of balance with Mesut Arslan

Premiering during the Istanbul Theater Festival, the surprising, incisive, and at times disturbing, play Nocturnal Symposium—written by Eric De Volder, directed and adapted by Mesut Arslan—will be ...
Author: Lorenza Mussini
Posted: 23-11-2018

What’s happening now

Event highlights of the month A talk with Fabian Saul, the editor-in-chief of Flaneur Magazine, will happen on December 6 at 7pm at Goethe Institute Istanbul. The world-renowned French patisserie e...
Author: The Guide Team
Posted: 17-11-2018

Dine in style: eating and drinking in Nişantaşı

With its many international luxury brands and Turkish designer boutiques, Nişantaşı is Istanbul’s most exclusive neighborhood. To complete your high-end shopping trip, and top up your energy, take ...
Author: The Guide Team
Posted: 16-11-2018

Big Bus Istanbul: in search of real experience

From our partner Each time I began a journey to discover an old and vibrant city, I would always get the distinct feeling of being about to enter a new…

The post Big Bus Istanbul: in sear...

Author: Our partner
Posted: 15-11-2018

Abounding from Antep: pistachios in Turkey

A fertile land with abundant agriculture, Turkey is the third-largest country for pistachio production. These green gems are gathered in the late summer months right before they reach their full…
Author: The Guide Team
Posted: 15-11-2018